Become a Member or Renew Your Membership in the Autism Society Greater Harrisburg Area* Affiliate
*(Hereafter ASGHA)

When you become an ASGHA member, you join a local (and National) movement committed to ensuring all individuals have the support they need to live meaningful lives.

Your membership dues help the ASGHA:

  • Connect people to valuable information and resources through our Website, Yahoo ListServ, Facebook & Google+ Pages
  • Educate and inform through our monthly Support & Education Meetings
  • nform by producing our Parent Information handbook of Central PA Autism systems and services
  • Advocate for Autism-related issues
  • Support individuals and their families through monthly meetings, social activities, and social media sites

ASGHA Members Enjoy the Following Benefits

  • Access to a community that provides support and essential information to families living with autism through our social media sites (Yahoo ListServ, Facebook page, Google+ page), monthly Support & Education Meetings, and social activities.
  • Valuable resource information, updates on autism-related issues, and advocacy.
  • Social activities free of charge that provide opportunities to relax, network, and create friendships in a non-judgmental setting.
  • Occasional exclusive Members-only activities free of charge.

Annual ASGHA Membership Enrollment Options(this does not affect National AS Members)

  • January Membership. Any Member enrolling or renewing from December 1st – May 31st will have a membership that follows the calendar year. Those who enroll or renew before January 31st receive a full 12 months of membership; members enrolling from February 1st – May31st receive the remaining months of membership in that calendar year. .
  • July Membership. Any member enrolling or renewing from June 1st – November 30th will have a membership that follows the enrollment year of July 1st – June 30th of the next year. Members who enroll before July 31st receive a full 12 months of membership; members enrolling or renewing from August 1st – November 30th receive the remaining months of membership in the enrollment year.

Annual ASGHA Membership Levels

Individual Membership $10

– Covers one adult only, no children, spouses, or relatives. Single vote.

Household Membership $20

– Covers 2 Adults and all children in the immediate family only: i.e. Father, Mother, children/step children (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc. need to purchase their own membership). One vote per adult.

  • Two Head of Household/adults must be parents of the children or primary caregivers/legal guardians who reside in the home full time: i.e. 2 birth parents, 1 birth parent + 1 step parent, 1 birth parent + 1 grandparent.) Two votes, one for each adult/head of household.
  • Children = all children (age 0-21) of these 2 adults residing full-time in their home: birth/adopted children, step children, Foster children, children for whom adults have legal guardianship.
  • Adult ASD children who live in the home would be covered for ASGHA activities, but would not have voting privileges. ASD Adults wishing to have voting privileges must purchase their own membership. Adult ASD children who are dependents, but might not reside in the home can also be included and would be covered for ASGHA activities, but would not have voting privileges.

ASD Adult Membership $5

– Covers one adult (over 18) diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, no children, spouses, or relatives. Single vote.

What Distinguishes the Autism Society*

The Autism Society is the nation’s oldest and largest autism grassroots organization in the United States. In 1965, our founders came together to create an organization that enabled parents and individuals impacted by autism to support one another and advocate for services that allow people with ASD to achieve the highest quality of life. Today, the Autism Society is a national system of over 100 state and local affiliates representing thousands of individuals and families affected by autism in communities across the nation. The Autism Society has a long proud history of promoting autism awareness and helping families and individuals navigate the autism journey.

Here are some of the ways the Autism Society of America is uniquely positioned to advance the wellbeing of those impacted by autism:

  • Our grassroots network of state and local affiliates vary from community to community and create programs and supports that best serve the needs of local residents.
  • All monies raised by each Autism Society affiliates remains in state and local communities.
  • The Autism Society is fully inclusive of individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis, families affected by autism, and professionals working in the autism field. Throughout our network, individuals with ASD, family members, professionals and community leaders serve on governing boards, strategic committees and staff.
  • The Autism Society helps people affected by autism today. We support individuals and families across the entire spectrum throughout the lifespan.
  • The Autism Society does not spend any funds on lobbying firms. All advocacy efforts are lead by volunteers and staff, as allowed by IRS regulations.

Last updated: August 26, 2015
*This information is taken directly from the National Autism Society Website



(National Members need to fill out the Affiliate Membership form, but no fees will be applied.)

Life time Member (No expiration)

ASGHA Annual Membership Levels

Individual Membership $10
Household Membership $20
ASD Membership $5 (individual adult)